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Indonesia is the most popular country in the world. With the highest of muslim population number. Most everyone know Indonesia. Do you know Indonesia? Indonesia is the one of country in Southest Asia. With tropical climate, winter and summer. But winter here, there is no snow. just rain. And summer here, there is not too hot. and there is rain too. but just a little.

Now, I want to tell you the richness of Indonesia. Indonesia has so many richness. It is included in language, social, cultural, customs, traditions, manners, customs, and etiquette. This can be seen from the form of home, clothing, ceremonies, and language. Are you interesting on it? Wait until you read this! You can see Indonesia from this

The following is the richness of Indonesia in every province:

1. Nangroe Aceh Daroessalem (Aceh)

Aceh is a region in Indonesia which is located at northen tip. Aceh ever had a Tsunami at 2004. It makes the world's largest natural disater in Indonesia. But, Aceh stand, and bagin all. Aceh is the biggest population of Islam in Indonesia. Aceh used an Minangkabau languange. In the province of Aceh, there are four main tribes, namely:

* Interest Aceh
* Gayonese
* Base Rate
* Tamiang

Acehnese are a majority group who inhabited the coastal area of ​​Aceh. People who inhabit the region of Aceh and West Aceh, South Aceh, there is little cultural differences that seem heavily influenced by his style Minangkabau culture. This may be because their ancestors who served in the region when in the kingdom of Aceh under the protectorate of the past and they were assimilated by the population there.

Gayo and Alas are ethnic minorities who inhabit the highland region of Central Aceh and Aceh Tenggara. Both tribes also are patriakhat and adherents of Islam is strong.

Each tribe has its own peculiarities such as language, literature, songs, Arian, music and customs.

Acehnese culture is strongly influenced by Islamic culture. Dance, crafts, ornaments, customs, etc. are all rooted in Islamic values. Examples of decorative Aceh for example, many take the form of plants such as stems, leaves and flowers or the shape of natural objects such as clouds, moon, stars, waves, and so forth. This is because according to Islamic teachings are not justified in presenting the human form or animal as an ornament.

Aceh is very long in a war and give a very bad impact for the existence of culture. Many of the cultures that have been forgotten and objects that high-quality handicrafts to be reduced or lost.

Video to Saman Dance

the picture of Saman Dance

There are so many richness of culture of Aceh. And, I'm proud to become the Indonesian children !!!!


North Sumatra capital of Medan. Medan is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. Oh yes, every province in Indonesia has a very large mosque. in Medan there is "Masjid Raya Medan
Medan also has a lake Toba in the middle which there is the beautiful island of Samosir. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia. Hmm ... Medan is also affected a little effect of the tsunami that occurred in Aceh in 2004 loh. but just a little.

Oh yes, I remember. Medan also has an amazing unique dance that is dance tor-tor.


West Sumatra (Padang) is a city that is very clean, comfortable, and full of habits and customs. Famous Minang people polite, and respect for others. Minang have a lot of typical dances, food, and the most famous is the "House Bagonjong".
One of the dances are very famous in the eyes of the world is "Plate Dance. "

4. Lampung
Lampung is a province in the southernmost island of Sumatra, Indonesia. In the north is bordered by Bengkulu and South Sumatra. Mungkin maksud Anda adalah: lampung terkenal dengan keripik pisang yang enak, dan terdiri dari beraneka ragam macam rasa. in Lampung is known for the delicious banana chips, and consists of various range of flavors. which are all delicious and tasty. Lampung is also is known for dance and said that spektacular.

5. Jambi
Jambi is a province of Indonesia, located on the east coast in the central part of Sumatra Island. Jambi is one of three provinces in Indonesia, whose capital named province, besides Bengkulu and Gorontalo. Jambi is a Malay nation from which he came from Malay Kingdom in Jambi, Batang Hari. Bahasa Melayu Jambi, Palembang Malay and Malay such as Bengkulu, namely berdialek "o".
selapit dance is a famous dance from jambi.

6. Palembang

Palembang City is one of the city and also the capital of South Sumatra province. Palembang is the second largest city in Sumatra after Medan.

Palembang is also called the Venice of the East, based on the inscription found on Bukit Kedukan Siguntang Hill west of Palembang city, declaring the establishment of a Wanua interpreted as a city on June 16, 682 AD, later used as a benchmark birthday of the city of Palembang.

7. Kepulauan Riau

Riau Islands is a province of Indonesia. Riau Islands Province is bordered by Vietnam and Cambodian to the north, Malaysia and West Kalimantan province in the east, the province of Jambi, Bangka Belitung Island and the south; of Singapore, Malaysia and the Riau province in the west.

As a whole Riau Islands region consists of 4 districts and 2 cities, 47 districts and 274 villages / village with a number of 2408 large and small islands that are 30% not yet named and populated. The total area of 252,601 sq km, about 95% is ocean and only about 5% of the land.

8. Pekanbaru
Riau is a province of Indonesia, the region lies in the center of Sumatra island with the capital city of Pekanbaru.

This province is one of the richest provinces in Indonesia by relying on the result of oil and gas. petroleum and natural gas here very much.

9. Bengkulu

located on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. To the north is bordered by West Sumatra, on the east by Jambi and South Sumatra, while in the south to Lampung.
The traditional welcoming dance of Rejang Tribe

10. Bangka Belitung
First is the island of Belitung Timah, when in fact the Pacific Islands is a special island with white sand beaches of the rocky granite artistic paper, clear sea water, and small exotic islands such as the story of the Rainbow Warriors. Since 2000 we introduce the beauty of the Pacific Islands on the internet via BelitungIsland.COM for a moment of this special island could divert its economic dependence of the tin.

11. Banten
Most of the members of the community converted to Islam with the religious spirit is high, but other religions can live side by side in peace.

Potential and cultural distinctiveness of Banten, among other martial art of Pencak Silat, Debus, Rudad, Umbruk, Saman Dance, Mask Dance, Dance cokek, Dog-dog, Palingtung, and Lojor. In addition there are also relics of the ancestral heritage include the Great Mosque of Banten Lama, Long Cemetery Keramat, and many other relics.

In Banten province there are Bedouin Tribe. Bedouin Tribe in Banten is an indigenous Sundanese who still maintain the tradition of anti-modernity, either way they dress or other living patterns. Bedouin tribes live in the area-Rawayan Heritage Kendeng Mountains area of ​​5101.85 hectares in area Kanekes, District LEUWIDAMAR, Lebak District. Baduy settlements are generally located in River watershed Ciujung Kendeng Mountains. This area is known as the surrogate of ancestral lands, which must be maintained and preserved well, should not be destroyed.


Indigenous peoples who live in Banten Province speak the dialect that is derived from Ancient Sundanese. Dialects are grouped as coarse language in modern Sundanese language, which has several levels of the level of fine to coarse level (informal), which was first created in the Sultanate of Mataram master Priangan (the eastern part of West Java province). Nevertheless, in Region South As Lebak Banten and Sunda Pandeglangmenggunakan Sundanese mixture of Ancient, Modern Sundanese and Indonesian, in Serang and Cilegon, Banten Java language used by ethnic Javanese. And, in the northern city of Tangerang, Indonesian language with Betawi dialect is also used by immigrant ethnic Betawi. Besides Sundanese, Javanese and Betawi dialect, Indonesian language is also used mainly by immigrants from other parts of Indonesia.

Traditional Weapons

Dagger is a traditional weapon in Banten same as the traditional weapon of Jakarta Capital Region

Custom house

Customary house is a thatched house on stilts leaf roof and floor made of bamboo pelupuh is split apart. While the walls were made from booths (gedek). To buffer stage house is a stone that has been made in such a way that the tip-shaped block decreasing as the base stone used for pounding rice. These custom homes are still commonly found in areas inhabited by people Kanekes or also called the Bedouin.

12. DKI Jakarta
Park City

Jakarta has many city parks that serve as water catchment areas. Monument Park or Taman Merdeka Square is the largest park located in the heart of Jakarta. In the middle of the park stands the National Monument which was built in 1963. The park is open was made by the Governor-General Herman Willem Daendels (1870) and completed in 1910 under the name Koningsplein. In this park there are some tail deer and 33 trees symbolizing the 33 provinces in Indonesia. [9]

Suropati Park is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Parks was a circle with an area of ​​16.322 m2 was, surrounded by several old Dutch buildings. In the park there are several modern sculptures by ASEAN artists, which gives another designation for the park, the "Garden of ASEAN friendship artist." [10]

Banteng Square Park is another park located in Gambir, Central Jakarta. The extent of about 4.5 ha. Here lies the West Irian Liberation Monument. In the 1970s, this park is used as a bus terminal. Then in 1993, this park again converted into public space, recreational areas, and also sometimes as a performing arts or other performances

13. West Java

West Java for more than three decades has experienced rapid economic growth. Today marked increase in a modern economy with an increase in manufacturing and service sectors. In addition to social and infrastructure development, manufacturing accounts for most of its contribution through investment, nearly three-quarters of industrial non-oil manufacturing industries centered around Java, West Java Barat.PDRB in 2003 reached Rp.231.764 billion (U.S. $ 27.26 Billion) contribute around 14 -15 percent of total national GDP, the highest figure for a province. However, because of population size, GDP per capita in West Java was Rp. 5,476,034 (U.S. $ 644.24) including oil and gas, represented 82.4 percent and 86.1 percent of the national average. Economic growth in 2003 was 4.21 percent including 4.91 percent of oil and gas including oil and gas, better than Indonesia as a whole. (U.S. $ 1 = Rp. 8500, -).

Tangkuban Parahu crater in Bandung

West Java province located in the western part of Java Island. Its area is bordered by Java Sea to the north, Central Java in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south, and Banten and Jakarta in the west.

North coast region is lowland. In the middle of a mountain, which is part of a chain of mountains stretching from west to east Java. Its highest point is Mount Ciremay, who was in the southwest city of Cirebon. The rivers are quite important is the Citarum River and Cimanuk River, which empties into the Java Sea.


Most of the population of West Java are the Sundanese, who speak the language of Sunda. In some towns on the north coast, Cirebon dialect of Javanese spoken language, which is similar to language Brebes Banyumasan dialect. In the border region with Jakarta as part of Bekasi, some Depok, and Bogor Indonesian northern dialect spoken Betawi.Jawa West is a region characterized by the contrast with two identities: the urbanites who mainly lived in the area JABOTABEK (Jakarta) and traditional community who live in rural tersisa.Pada 2002, West Java population reached 37,548,565 people, with an average population density of 1033 if / km persegi.Dibandingkan with the national growth rate (2.14% per year), West Java Province occupied ranked lowest, with 2.02% per annum. The use of local languages ​​are now beginning to be promoted again. A number of local television station re-use the local language as the language of instruction in some of the show, especially news and talk shows, for example, Bandung has a TV news program using Bahasa Sunda.